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Leading People. Setting Strategy. Driving Execution. Managing Cash.



Management of a scale-up must be confident that they can systematically accelerate the growth of their business with conviction that all resources deployed will yield positive results. The process of scaling up can be detrimental and have a direct impact on the survival of a business if it is started for the wrong reasons. However, the main risk of scaling up is premature timing resulting in poor performance putting pressure on cash flow instead of investing in growth.

To mitigate risk associated with scaling up, we work with the management team to review together if

  1. the product or service can operate at scale; if

  2. an efficient marketing campaign can be developed to sell also to the early majority and achieve a repeatable sales process; if 

  3. the product or service is designed for scale for optimization for a wide variety of use cases that were never foreseen before; if

  4. building a corporate team for scale, i.e. recruiting a significant number of new employees, their training and retaining will help move the company forward; if

  5. the corporate culture can change as a result of starting management through others; and if 

  6. correct use of metrics is adhered to prior to scaling and during scaling.

Mentoring &


Helping entrepreneurs to develop and learn much faster and more efficiently through knowledge transfer. It describes the process of passing on experience and knowledge, and while doing so all those involved have the possibility of gaining new experiences, new knowledge and certainty as well. This knowledge transfer will also  focus on tacit knowledge, meaning that we help the entrepreneurs move forward and learn faster by providing them with their own contextually relevant experiences, thus avoiding unnecessary failures and iterations of development.



We assist with the organization turnaround when scaling up. Leadership becomes more important to staff and grow enough leaders throughout the organization who have the capabilities to delegate and predict. Next to designing a sales & marketing driven, scalable infrastructure with systems and structures (physical and organizational) to handle the complexities in communication and decisions that come with growth; all in combination with the market dynamics caused by the failure to address the increased competitive pressures that build (and erode margins) as you scale the business.

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